We went from too much rain, to near drought to… WT?? was that last night. We had an inch, very quickly with pea sized hail. There was still some hail on the ground this morning near my hosta’s and the end of the drain spouts. It flattened my veggie garden and shredded the corn. Dh thinks the growth point is low enough, it may…. may… come out of it. They have already called Crop Ins to look at it. Even if it survives it, and doesn’t need to be replanted into short day soys, you need it documented just in case. We have hay out that will be nothing more than straw if we can ever get it off the ground. Unreal the amounts of water this year. Yet, the Global Warming crowd has told us and told us and told us that we will be a desert with GW… Whatever. Weather has changed too, we’ve returned to the 20/70’s again. That, I won’t complain about.

I spent about an hour talking with my youngest’s teacher last night on the phone. So, so, not happy. He admitted finally he’s going to retire next year. Either at the end of the first semester or the end of the year. That he wanted to do so a couple of years ago. He’s a spec ed teacher. Perfect, no. But, they are his kids and he does amazing things with them. I know from talking to him he hasn’t always managed “amazing”, that he hasn’t been impressed with the system (which has changed somewhat but both of us agree not enough), but you should always give someone points for trying. I have a feeling he wanted to retire when my youngest started a couple of years ago but the other Teacher did instead and he stayed. That fits the timeline he was talking about. I also heard rumours the other Teacher is now off on mat leave. Forgot to ask him. There was someone else at her desk last week I didn’t recognize. So, again, he has to wait for her to return, he wouldn’t leave them alone. Which makes me wonder if he’s just waiting for her to return because she was suppose to be off in April???? of last year. I heard that 4th hand…

There is a couple of Teacher’s in that school that have very much been part of those kids’ lives. That have come out after hours for Fun Club and other activities. Fun Club was a bit of a bust this year, last year they had an awesome group. If either of them took over the class it would be ok. Instead, I expect we will get one straight out of Teacher’s College looking for a gig that they can move on from.

Either way, the day my kid says he’s done, he’s done. I’m not even moving to the other school… they don’t separate the low needs from the high needs so what’s the point???? Education???

I am tired. Very tired. A combination of burn out and age issues. Discovered doing some reading, even those “brain freeze” moments, the crappy sleep etc are all part of it. This summer we are just going to do stuff. Mostly just adaptive functioning – beds, laundry, cooking, helping Dad if we can etc – stuff. The extra school work will always be there, we need to “hang out” more. Being grown up will come way too soon.

Laura Florand reread

I just finished a reread of books 1 and 2, and a first read of book 3 of Laura Florand’s La Vie en Roses series.

I still love the first one. It’s light, fluffy, growly and just a nice story.

The next 2, are not. The women are bitchy and self absorbed. Both are hard done by and IMO selfish. Yes, the first lost her Father and then Damien bought out their perfume business. Turns out it wasn’t their’s to start with. They didn’t have the majority of the shares but you’d think she owned it all and it was stolen from her. She had all of 10% of the shares. So, she slept with him not knowing who he was, and sold out because she was mad “you stole my business”. This went on for 3/4 of the book. Of course it’s all “OK” in the end and they all lived…. you get the jist.

The third book involves 2 self-absorbed people. He thinks she should have noticed that he had a crush on her. But even by the end he still doesn’t understand that her family is shunned by what happened in the war (yes, it’s only been a few years since France started teaching WWII as history a few years ago…. I had that article somewhere and if you think I can find it…. UGH!!!). To these people, it happened yesterday and you want to tell me Tristan didn’t know that…. excuse me??? He was that self absorbed that he didn’t realize how shy she was, what her Father was like, that her Mother and sisters vanished as quickly as they could. About how business’ work and how would she realize he was giving her presents not just a perfume to sell… ok, that I do believe…. Even at the end, he doesn’t IMO understand her… look at the share mess. She on the other hand needs to find a little spine. She’s not her great-grandfather and even at the end I didn’t feel she had any true ideas about her store, instead she was just going to let Tristan do his thing.

The thing is, if Florand is “on”, she’s excellent. So when she’s not, it’s always very disappointing. I’ve never found any middle ground with her stories. I either love them, or dislike them.

Way it goes….

Autobuys and turtle rescues

turtle rescueSomebody decided that hanging in the back yard was better than hanging in the pond. I left him near the pond…. only a  fool walks in the woods this year with the ticks… much safer for a turtle. Maybe before too much longer he’ll help with gosling control.

I was talking with a goodreads friend about autobuys. Autobuys are those books you look forward to every year, the one’s you fill in for a favourite series. Those, you finally quit buying because there isn’t one author out there that doesn’t start to believe their own press and fan club.

What does that mean…. they repeat phrases, repeat story lines, make thin stories without their usual depth, description, plot, secondary characters etc. But that’s ok, between the libraries and their fans… they will be bought.

Authors, that have left the “autobuy”, Suzanne Brockman, Jayne Ann Krentz (all versions), Shelly Laurenston (all versions), Thea Harrison, Nora Roberts (still buying the Robb’s but going to do the library on the next. I have it on hold already.). There are others. It’s hard to do. I need to add PJ Tracy and Nalini Singh to the pile. I finally did Mercedes Lackey. Nalini’s I only buy the shifters, the angel’s come from the library.

It’s a little easier at the moment… it’s amazing what a car loan will do to a book budget. So, if it isn’t free or near free… won’t be buying it. It’ll have to come from the library.

Time flies….

In 3 days we have finished Gr 12, and a week after that Gr 10. The youngest goes to school over exams if a parent chooses to send them. Mine likes to go, and I have things to do before he’s out… so he goes.

Still don’t know about his field trip… that’s another blog post for another day…

Eldest graduated from high school  last week…. kinda. Since 1984 Ontario has been trying to get rid of Gr 13. I know this because I was the first of the OAC’s. They haven’t succeeded. About half the kids stay for Gr 13 and others like my eldest are “identified” and therefore can stay until 21 even though they are in the University stream. Not telling him that part, but the option to stay an extra year was a non-issue for us. All I said was “not leaving until next year”, Guidance went “geez, that’s shocking…”. My kid is also a fall baby and when you are behind already on social stuff, why graduate at 17??? So, he’s taking a lot of “I have time to try something else” classes too. Saying that… getting him to finish those “elective” classes this term… a battle at the end yet, he has excellent marks in them. But, the Phys Ed presentation was completed, and the Drafting house is built… mostly. The computer work was easy enough, it’s the “extra” he’s not keen on.

I am still doing a lot of rereading. Rereading series before moving on to the next book. Since, a number of them are quite long now, it’s filling in time. There is nothing out there I just have to read. No series that I want to say to anyone… you have to read this right now. Reading everyone’s reviews, unfortunately, it’s obvious I am not the only one.

We went from cold, flood, to hot drought in one easy step. Not shocking. Weather returns to “normal” tomorrow, but we do need rain. We got a quick down pour this morning but it was probably only a couple of tenth’s. Not, that you complain about any water that falls from the sky when it gets dry.

I am going to start volunteering… sooner or later… and one thing I had to do was be tested for MMR etc. Mumps are good but I got them at age 7. Rest, not so good yet, they were fine when tested nearly 20 years ago when I got pregnant with the kid. So… for those of us “of an age”, who only ever got one shot as a kid… we need another. Since I have no plans to catch the measles, I called the Dr and it’s being done at the “meet and greet” with the new one in a couple of weeks.

All the gossip for now. Summer’s here, blogging will be very random. Have a good one.

Silver Silence Nalini Singh – SPOILERS

32573185I discovered years ago that Chapters has a tendency to send hardcovers early. Not, that I am complaining.

So, if you are reading this… it’s full of spoilers.

Silver has this bear that’s been stalking her. OK…… Then she gets poisoned…. OK…. then she ends up in his lair…. OK…. Grandma goes hunting along with her “twin, but step-twin” who’s actually a gay E… but it’s not Grandma that finds the bad guys, that’s the Human Alliance and at the end of the book. But Grandma explains the reality of what happens when you play with the big kids to him.

Then we find out Silver’s silence isn’t so silent and she has to become silent. She falls in love, has sex, loves the bears and becomes silent.

Meanwhile in the back ground this new bad guy group that claims to be pro human but it actually a human Consortium guy that jumped his leash because he’s afraid of the Psy and starts bombing people. Somehow he’s made his own little bad guy group.

OK…… Silver saves the day with EmNet (such as you can when bad guys do bad things in crowds of people), hires new staff across the races, we only ever see a few of the previous players….

Then bad stuff happens to Bo and Silver isn’t so silent anymore.

It felt like we were watching a movie. We weren’t part of it. The only times we were was in the Den and even then, there were too many characters, too much “other” going on. There is no direction of where this story line is going to. Why is the main threads still blowing up people just to make angst. Where’s the mystery?? Why yet another group of fanatics?? Why the bears?? I thought they needed humans or else the net would crash??

It was another “epilogue” book. One that sits outside what is going on in the world.

So…. is it a good read. Well….. like the previous book, now that I am finished and realize that it wasn’t what I had expected… Maybe. As romance, it was “OK” but there wasn’t any growth by Silver and the angst was contrived. As part of the overall story… again it was “OK”. Will I reread it… we’ll see.

I gave it 3 stars. I did like it. I did read it end to end over about 24 hours (had stuff I had to do). It’s better than most, but the author writes a better story… romance and plot… so I was disappointed. It feels rushed.


Yes, I have stuff to do. No, I don’t feel like doing it. Yes, I did stuff today that needed to be done. No, I have lots to read.


Come Sundown arrived today. Part of me isn’t certain I want to read it. Worried it’s a lot like Montana Sky. Will start it after I finish a reread I am doing.

Got a letter from my Dr today. She’s planning on retiring in a couple of years. That I expected. I’ve seen her now for about 20 years and she’s getting crippled up. I never thought that it wasn’t another family Dr and when I called I was told she was in 3 days/week (she has another practice) and delivers on Tues so may be gone. That doesn’t work, I live too far away for a quick cancellation so I made my appt for a Thurs in July. For the last couple of years I’ve been thinking I’m the youngest person my Dr sees so yes… it takes time when most of your patients are over 65. Which is fine… since I’m looking “that age” in the eye and having “that age” issues (made even more fun in a drug free world…. no, not by choice either) and was going to bring them up with my Dr anyways which would have meant an OBGYN appt… will bring that up, plus my regular visits for my funky bp at our meet and greet. Getting OLD sucks… the getting older part I don’t mind. I honestly wouldn’t do it again unless I could start at 30+. The letter was dated April which makes me wonder if she thought about it just after our last appointment…. Since, finding Dr’s is difficult at the best of times, I appreciate the consideration in finding me a new one.

I have laundry to put away… that never ends. Since Mr Clean eats a front loading washer, I had to do Dh’s stuff in the tub first since yesterday they spent the day, I am certain, inside the tractor. Then move it to the washer once I got a lot of the grease out. Ain’t farmin’ great 🙂

Eldest wants to go out Sat night. Initially, it was suppose to be a few guys at some guys house instead of going to prom. Now, it’s not. Dh thinks he should go… me… not so much. Yes, he’s nearly 18, but he’s not 18. We live in the land of facebook and although I am certain he would do his best to stay out of trouble because he’s finally understanding from watching his friends about social media etc… he’s got “victim” written all over him. I am amazed that even in this world, these kids still think drinking, drugs and social media don’t make a lot bigger mess in their lives than the days without social media. Then if you screwed up royally, it was forgotten over time. Now, it’s there forever.

We’ll see once they decide what’s going on. Also, he has stuff (work, volunteer) he has to do this weekend so either way I’d be a killjoy and he’ll have to come home around 11pm.

Some days you wonder why teaching them to talk, taking a mild non-verbal PDD kid to “going to Univ after Gr 13” kid…. be careful what you wish for… maybe if he’d always been “normal” I wouldn’t worry as much… doubtful.

Youngest is home and let me explain why I have little respect for the education system.

Period 1, set up chairs in the gym for the athletic banquet, Period 2 – Muppet movie, Period 3 last day of car detailing (raising money for their field trip – that’s another story for later), Period 4 – baseball practice for a disabled kids tourney that’s coming up.

Ummmmm… excuse me… then they comment about the OCD… actually he knows better because I tagged the Teacher on the “lack of routine”. Math, reading, science etc??? Truth is, the little I homeschool over the year, is a lot more than they do during class and they are the low needs dev class. Their “school” class is one period split between Eng/Math.

Phone just rang… so tired of the telemarketers. This one was the duct cleaning people AGAIN!!!. Told her again we are not interested and to stop calling. Wish we had call display and they can’t figure out why you’re rude… like… duh!!!! Usually, I just hang up. Made the mistake of saying “yes” too. Never do that.. I even have the news article about it sitting by my phone.

Books and life

30245414I keep thinking Josh Lanyon should be better than they are, then I get disappointed every single time that they aren’t. Josh Lanyon is the chick lit, RS, mystery of the m/m genre with a hint of “more”. Yes, there is the odd sex scene but the romances are always “off” and the characters usually spend little time together and there’s little growth in their relationships. Are the books well editted… yes, but like all good RS, the endings tend to make my roll my eyes when they get the bad guys. So.. 2 stars although it probably deserves 3. But as I said… it needed “more” for me.

11164604I noticed that there are more Buckhorn books out. I read these back when they were released or close to it. Seems like a life time ago… time does fly… when I was on a LF backlist reading fest. I haven’t read her books in years. They are harlequins. They are quick on the romance, quick on the sex, quick on the “I didn’t talk to you and I assumed”, quick on the “I’m so horny I could….”. I’m passed that point in my stories but for when they were written, the fact they are category romances… they are, what they are. Will continue a reread of the originals and try the newer ones.

Still reading some cooking books on using my cast iron cookware. Still haven’t managed to get outside and cook on my fire pit due to this up and down weather.

Managed to annoy my Mother… shocking!!! See it’s their 50th shortly and their nearly 18 year old grandson has plans that weekend. Their son-in-law at the rate he’s getting farm work done may still be planting and they hired a professional photographer. “We want family pictures”… unless my bro is coming from the west…. Whatever. Thing is, when I needed them they were travelling 4 to 6 months a year. When I needed them, they did and do show up on a Sat (every 3 months or so) at 3pm and leave by 7pm… yet she bitches when my Aunt does that… So now, all of a sudden she’s realizing that we’ve lived a life while they weren’t around. That we have a life. That her grandchildren are no longer children and I do not sympathize with her if they are gone either to work or to camp.

Sucks… but she thinks that the neighbors grandkids should come and live with their grandfather because they have jobs and no lives… WT??? The man could have moved years ago when his wife died and refused. It’s no longer his son’s nor his grandkids problem. His son comes regularly but he is well enough to stay in his house according to his Dr… there is nothing his son can do about it. Yes, I know, one day she will expect me to do the same… not going to happen.


Today, I am tired. That bone tired, the do nothing tired, the feel totally guilty because honestly you don’t give a shit…. tired. But then again, I’m not certain I got 5 hours of sleep last night.

Yesterday we went with friends to see Guys and Dolls. It was the performances first evening of the season, the theatre was only about 2/3 full (trust me, by summer it’ll be packed – still have 2 more shows – Treasure Island and HMS Pinafore – to see with the youngest and my Mother but they are “comfort” showings) and it was 3 hours long. Oooops. Good thing I told the respite worker we’d be late. We didn’t get in until after midnight since the theatre is about an hour exactly away.

Supper was good. The three of them had souvlaki and I had a gyro… with salad and rice and appetizers. They were SLOW!!! Not a place for slow but a wedding on the premises and not enough staff, slow. Then they screwed up Dh’s supper which they discovered at the kitchen… did they rush it… nope. Did they give us more than an “ooops” for the fact his supper came over 15 min past the rest of ours and he had to eat in a rush… nope. So, what was actually a good meal, lost a lot in the serving. Didn’t expect the world, I do appreciate a mistake I make many of my own, but…..

So after spending yesterday cleaning, today I am being lazy…. well, as lazy as you can be when you still have to cook, walk the dog etc.

29361143Finished Power Play yesterday. Been putting it off, and no idea why. It’s a rather simple romance, little angst that tried to make a story out it’s setting and secondary characters. Bland, but kept me reading. Should be a 3 star, but I gave it 4 for the “kept me reading” part.

I have a number of books from the library in “e” I need to read but I am having trouble reading new books lately. I just can seem to get them started. They aren’t bad stories, there is no reason for my procrastination. I just am not interested. Need to learn to relax and sit on the porch… not as easy as it seems.

Wet… and more wet…

We are floating, I swear. If we didn’t live on a knoll, we’d be under water. All you have to do is look at the field below us… It’s going to shut off later today and… start again in 2 days… UGH!!!! It’s as bad as a drought.

Phone guy showed up. Good parts… going to get telemarketers calling again, I need a new answering machine and a new booster (b/c I don’t remember where the parts are to reset it). Best parts… got a new modem which has a rotor built in so I didn’t have to go and buy a new one… ours was becoming an antique. Which means I probably won’t need the booster because I now have a decent modem. We’ll see how it goes.

Late.. need to meet the school van….

Reading and stuff

Still rereading JD Robb. It’s the easy pick up books in the evening when I’m tired and don’t feel like starting anything new.

31575697 Been working my way through this one. It’s not a flattering look at the Prince, but it doesn’t really tread into new territory. It does stay out of some of the worst of the stories and sticks for the most part to the facts. She does like to go on and on and on about him being “sensitive” (my word). Plus, on and on about his environmental pov’s and opinions. Yes, the man is opinionated… shocking…

A decent, quick overview of his life. Most of which everyone knows, already.